Having over 20 years of experience in the pleasure marine industry, NMS has the ability to project manage any re-fit or major maintenance works on your vessel.

If it is time for some simple upgrading of equipment or a full refurbishment of your boat's interior, we can work with you to plan the works to best suit your time, achieve the result you want, all costed in advance with no unpleasant add-on surprises.

We have utilized the services of many companies in the past but remain fiercely independent in order to gain the best value for our clients.

Once your project is mapped out, NMS shops around for the best deal, with quality of workmanship and delivery times always foremost in our considerations.

Be it a full re-paint, add on fabrications, electrical upgrade, main engine re-power, Generator replacement, Stabiliser, Bow or Stern Thruster installation, Interior Cabinetry of any magnitude – in fact anything! NMS has the experience in running any size re-fit or maintenance jobs, large, medium or small.

NMS attends to every detail in liaison with our clients and any contractors. We work for you – a point foremost in our way of thinking and approaching any dealings with yards or contractors.

Every detail of your boat’s re-fit is micro-managed by NMS, so you don’t have to. Every day, if our clients wish, we can report on progress, raise any issues and advise on best course of action to solve any problems.

NMS is on the job every day to ensure quality and value for our clients. Every extra day your boat is out of action is a day you can’t enjoy using it - And an extra day of costs in a yard! We make sure no time is wasted and ensure your boat is back doing what it is meant to be doing as soon as possible.

Again, NMS has the ability to make our client’s boating experiences easier, more economical and more enjoyable.