Sea Hawk Antifoul Paints

Nautilus Marine Services is a Certified Applicator and distributor of Sea Hawk antifoul paints.

Sea Hawk uses only the finest quality raw materials available and prepares every formula to exact specifications in their own facility. In order to ensure the highest quality products, they retain a sample of each batch of paint made. As a result, the quality can be monitored for up to six years after the product is released from their factory.

Antifoul paint is a bottom paint for aggressive control of all types of marine fouling, from barnacles to slime and algae.

Fuel Set  - Fuel System Conditioner

Nautilus Marine Services are distributors for Fuel Set.
A fuel conditioner for diesel and petrol engines, both fuel injected and aspirated. Fuel Set is a powerful, cost effective additive. 15 ml will treat an average automobile's engine (1:4000 dose rate). Importantly, Fuel Set eliminates the source of most engine problems - water in fuel. Left untreated water separates from fuel and provides an environment for fungi to grow. Through the engine's combustion process water also causes gums, resins and other contaminates to separate and foul fuel systems. Fuel Set eliminates these problems saving you money on fuel usage and engine maintenance as well as reducing harmful emissions. Ideal for marine and automotive applications.