Nautilus Marine Services


Nautilus Marine Services (NMS) benefits from over 20 years of experience garnered from extensive involvement in the Marine Industry. These benefits are passed on to our clients both through our knowledge and our ability to maximize value in all work we do. The vast range of our experience enables NMS to service virtually any aspect of the marine field.

Our services include:

* Complete Vessel Management

* Equipment & Procurement

* Charters

* Project Management & Re-fit Maintenance

* Detailing

* Engineering & Mechanical

* Product Distribution

NMS can tailor services to suit the individual client and their vessel. After all, individual service is what it’s all about.

We rely on our experience and integrity to deliver our customers service, value and peace of mind.

Please follow the links to the appropriate services for a more detailed introduction. Feel free to contact us with enquiries of any nature. If by chance NMS can’t help, we will know someone who can!


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